Polished Concrete Warehouse Floor - 3000 square meters

Polished concrete garage

2 x RS SE

Polished Concrete Garage

Stencil Crete ground off to expose the stone, the driveway and footpath

 were then sealed with ROCKSTAR sealer.

Grind and sealer driveway

Grind and seal driveway

1 x RS SE & 2 x RS PS

Polished concrete patio

Concrete patio slab honed to 400 grit

& sealed with  ROCKSTAR sealer.


These photos show a 450 square meter car park after removing the

existing water proof membrane ready for a new one.

We were able to grind through normal business hours with minimal

disruption to stores whilst they continued to operate.

Concrete grinding car park

Concrete grinding car park ready for waterproofing

Grind and seal concrete house Tamborine

2 x EM777

The house to the left was ground to 220 grit and then sealed

with 2 coats of gloss polyurethane sealer.

Polishing natural stone

Tile polishing

Grind to remove epoxy

Epoxy & Glue removal is a breeze with this machine.

3 phase generator available for concrete grinding & polished concrete floors

3 phase generator available for grinding/polishing works.

Jobs are completed much faster using heavier and more powerful 3 phase grinders.

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